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  • Mercedes hood ornament
    Finding the Right Mechanic for Your Mercedes

    Your car is more than a way to move from A to B. It is an important part of your life. So, you want to make sure it is in top condition, and to do that, you need a mechanic that knows you and your car. But knowing how to find the right mechanic for your Mercedes can be difficult, especially when you aren't sure what to look for.


    We are here to help! Read on for these tips on how to find a Mercedes mechanic in Calgary.


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  • mini cooper car
    Mini Maintenance Calgary: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind


    Ah, the good old days — when the Mini Cooper lacked a radio but made up for it with sliding windows and the ever-present ashtray of the 1960s. Times were simple, and so was the initial Mini model, launched in 1959. (Which also included a storage compartment allegedly sized to fit a bottle of Gordon's Gin.)


    The Mini Cooper has come a long way since its creation, and we don’t mean its participation in a world record that crammed 28 people inside. (Although that's a pretty amazing feat.) The Mini Cooper is still a classic model but has gradually evolved to keep up with modern times. It's known for being a very reliable car — as long as you take care of it.  


    So, how do you keep your Mini Cooper in great condition, and when is it time for professional Mini maintenance in Calgary?

    Here are five tips for every Mini Cooper owner to keep in mind: 

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  • Land rover in the mountains.
    Your Guide to Buying a Land Rover Pros and Cons

    Now that people are returning to work, you're ready for your next vehicle for all of your favourite activities. What you want is something that can take you wherever you need to go with all the luxury you deserve.


    Land Rover is a British automobile brand specializing in four-wheel drive, off-road vehicles. They also offer luxury, utility, and in some cases, hybrid capabilities for fuel-efficiency.


    As with all things, there are pros and cons to owning a Land Rover. They have more than just exceptional off-road performance, high-power engines, and tons of storage space.


    Here are some of the pros and cons of buying a land rover, as well as where to find the best land rover service Calgary has to offer.


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  • Car brakes getting checked.
    Is Brake Replacement DIY a Good Idea?

    Does your car make strange, squealing sounds when you hit the brakes? Do the brakes feel weird or soft when you press them? Is your brake light on? 


    You need to get that car off the road and install new brakes!


    But that might lead you to ask this question: "Can I DIY the brake replacement or do I need to find professional brake replacement in Calgary?" We've put together this guide to help you find the answer, so make sure you keep reading below to learn more!


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  • mechanic repairing car brake
    The Importance of Car Brake Maintenance

    The efficiency of the braking system plays an important role when it comes to the safety of your car—the risk of an accident increases without quality brake repair and maintenance. Count on British Auto Specialists for reliable car brake repair and maintenance services.

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  • classic cars
    Things to Know About While Investing in Classic Cars

    Buying classic cars gives you the opportunity to own a piece of motoring history. It is very important that you do not take this decision lightly because it is an investment. If you are planning to collect classic cars, it’s better to know certain pointers that can help guide you in the decision making process. We can help you by providing such pointers so that you can make an informed decision.

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  • Jaguar V8 engine
    Tips to Maintain Your Jaguar Engine

    Regular preventive maintenance of your engine is essential, as it helps to detect and fix minor problems before they continue to deteriorate. This becomes even more imperative when you are dealing with luxury cars. This is because Land Rover and Jaguar repairs can be very expensive. Regular maintenance also boosts your car’s performance, offers a better fuel economy and increases the lifespan of your vehicle. If you are looking for Jaguar repair in Calgary, British Auto Specialists can help. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we provide dealer level services with a more personal touch. We also offer collision repair and auto restoration services.

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  • land rover
    Land Rover Engine Maintenance Tips

    People buy Land Rovers for many reasons. They’re beautiful on the outside, have luxurious interiors and come equipped with high-performance engines. However, those engines need to be babied if you want to enjoy your prestige vehicle for years to come. Here are some engine maintenance tips that’ll keep your Land Rover on the road and out of the shop.

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  • Classic car maintenance
    Maintenance 101 for Classic/Vintage Cars

    If you are a proud owner of an old classic car, you may have an emotional story to share about how you came to possess it or how your family has cared for it. Apart from the nostalgia, it offers an exotic asset value. Certain popular models which are no more in production, like the Ferrari 250 GTO (1962-1964), are auctioned for extremely high prices. You need to put in special efforts to preserve your old vintage cars in fine shape.

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  • UK Classic Cars
    American Muscle vs. UK Classic

    There’s a lot more to American muscle and UK classic cars than just filling up the tank. The former had a reputation for being brasher and bigger, while the latter are quieter and efficient. Both have made history in the world of automobiles but it’s quite difficult to pick the better machine.

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  • Jaguar repair
    10 Reasons to Love the Jaguar E-Type

    Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari automobile, had called the Jaguar E-type as the “most beautiful car in the world.” One of the most commercially successful automobiles in the British motor industry, it was an equal crowd puller in the international markets too. Such was its success that the Jaguar Land Rover Classic recently announced in London that it will launch the electrically powered E-Type at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest.

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  • British auto specialist
    Vintage car restoration: a labour of love

    When it comes to vintage car restoration, your primary goal should be preserving the look and feel of the past. Working with vintage cars takes patience, time and knowhow, not to mention a space to work in and the right tools. If you lack any of these, British Auto Specialists in Calgary is equipped to help you every step of the way.


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