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Land Rover Warning Lights Explained

Land Rover warning lights

One moment you're driving comfortably and the next, a flash of light makes your heart skip a beat.

One or more warning lights have popped up on your Land Rover's dash.

Most of us have experienced this feeling and wondered what we should do next and what each symbol means. Is this light extremely serious? Should we take our vehicle to the services immediately? Or are we okay to keep going for a while?

We know these moments can be scary; however, there's no need to worry. This quick guide will explain what each warning light means so you can get serviced and get back on the road.

Land Rover Warning Lights: Color Codes

The severity of your issue can often be determined by the colour of the warning lights in your car.

  • Green. In general, green warning lights are simply advisory and nothing to worry about. Your car is letting you know that a feature is active.

  • Yellow. Yellow or amber lights inform you that there is an important issue, but you don't need to act immediately. However, the sooner you act, the better.

  • Red. Red warning lights typically indicate a severe issue that needs servicing immediately.

Some Land Rovers may also feature blue lights, which are similar to green and show that a feature is engaged.

Land Rover Warning Light Symbols: What Each One Means

Below are some of the most common warning light symbols, what they mean, and what you should do if you see them.

  • Airbag issues. Your yellow airbag light will pop on whenever you start your vehicle. However, if it doesn't go away within a few seconds, schedule a service to check out your airbag.

  • Auto high beam assist. This green light appears when your high beams have automatically engaged. This is a normal feature and nothing to worry about.

  • Automatic speed limiter. Most Land Rovers include a speed limiter function for more control. If you see "LIM," this is simply the limiter feature.

  • Battery issues. If you see a red battery light that stays on after you start up, your battery may be low, or your alternator may need servicing.

  • Braking issues. The red word "BRAKE" may appear to inform you that your brake fluid is dangerously low. Add more fluid as soon as possible. If this doesn't help, schedule a service.

  • Critical warning. This message may appear in red or yellow to signify a specific problem. You can scroll through your Land Rover InControl® interface to get more details.

  • Engine issues. The check engine light will appear in yellow and may refer to your gas cap. If not, schedule a service to check your engine.

  • Exterior temperature. This yellow snowflake will alert you to be aware that there may be ice on the road.

  • Forward alert. If you see a vehicle surrounded by a triangle, this means your safety systems are engaged.

  • Internal temperature. Pull over at your earliest opportunity if you see a red, submerged thermometer. You may also see the words "ENGINE OVERHEATING." Don't touch the hood of your car after you pull over and call for service.

  • Oil pressure. This warning light will look like a red or yellow oil lamp. Take your Rover in for service as soon as possible.

  • Tires. If you see a red light that looks like a tire with an exclamation point beside it, you have a flat tire. If the same light is yellow, one or more of your tires lacks air pressure.

These are some of the most common warning lights that can appear in your Land Rover. If none of these sounds like the light you are seeing, check your owner's manual or schedule a service.

Your Dependable Land Rover Services in Calgary

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