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Complete Service and Maintenance of British Cars in Calgary

British car enthusiasts are welcome to our reliable and affordable auto service and maintenance at British Auto Specialists. When it comes to troubleshooting your British car for engine trouble, general maintenance, brake and suspension repair, air conditioning, transmission service and everything under the hood, you can trust us to deliver your ride to you, primed and ready! Our team can efficiently assess the condition of your vehicle, and our auto repair services cover all aspects of your British car’s performance. 


Contact us for complete servicing and parts for these popular British brands: 


Austin Healey



Land Rover

Land Rover

Our auto team will have your car chugging out the RPM and have it performing like new. Our service team is always keen to bring your car up to speed and leave you with the satisfaction and thrill of driving your favourite British car. 

It is best to address your vehicle troubles sooner rather than later, as a car’s performance may deteriorate if not looked into on time! So don’t wait, contact us today to set up a time of service with our representative. Our team is also Better Business Bureau certified!


We’ll make your car look and feel like new again!

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