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When your European car breaks down, you require the services of experienced mechanics for accurate diagnostics and skilled repair. British Auto Specialists is your trusted partner for a European car repair in Calgary. Our team can help you get back on the road as soon as possible. From routine maintenance to long-lasting repairs, you can trust us to handle the needs of your vehicle.


Every car manufacturer is different, in the way they assemble and design the performance and output of their vehicle. European cars are known for their luxury, their sturdy performance and their vast range of features. Our servicing team has detailed knowledge and exposure to European car maintenance and troubleshooting any and all issues.


We get requests from across Calgary from European car owners to bring their favourite rides back into high gear performance and shape and our team is happy to address your issues. We provide bumper to bumper care for your ride.

European Car Repair Services We Offer

Is your car showing signs of damage? You can trust our European car mechanics in Calgary to identify the source of the problem and devise a customized repair plan. We can repair all of your car's components, including:

  • Brakes: Shuttering, squeaking or vibrations in your brakes can only mean trouble. Our maintenance specialists can take care of your brake pads, disc pads, rotors and callipers.
  • Transmission system: Some common signs of damage to your vehicle's transmission are chafing gears, unusual noises, fluid leakage, and an activated transmission light.
  • Steering and suspension: These two systems work together to give you directional control. Problems such as worn-out control arm bushings or loose steering pumps can cause issues with your steering and suspension systems.
  • Exhaust and emissions: Your vehicle's exhaust system includes a complex network of chambers and pipes that extend from the car engine to the tailpipe. Problems with the exhaust system put you and your passengers at an increased risk of exposure to harmful emissions.
  • Engines: The engine is arguably the most crucial component of your vehicle. When your engine is not working as it should, you will notice symptoms like poor mileage, stalling, shaking, noises or the failure to activate.
  • Electrical system: Your battery, alternators, starters and electrical bulbs perform critical functions for your car. When your European car refuses to start, an electrical issue like a worn-out alternator is often to blame. Our team can take care of all of your electrical system problems.
  • Oil and filters: Depending on the make and model of your car, it is recommended to change your oil once a year or every 10,000 km. The failure to do so can gradually wear out your engine.

These are some of our European car repair services in Calgary. If you'd like to schedule an appointment with us, please reach out. We service numerous European cars, including Mercedes, BMW, and more.


Why You Need a Specialist to Service Your European Car

An increasing number of people are turning to European cars for their incredible performance and style. The excellence of European vehicles comes from their unmatched design and quality manufacturing. Your European vehicle is different from others, which is why it requires specialized care. Here at British Auto Specialists, we have the right tools and expertise to service and repair your luxury vehicle. Some of the reasons to choose us include:

  • Parts: Firstly, and most importantly, your European car in Calgary requires unique parts that will be difficult to arrange at a non-specialized auto shop. We can provide the necessary parts and install them per the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Know-how: Our team of experienced mechanics knows the ins and outs of your European vehicle, which allows us to service your car and fix any problems it may have.
  • Electrical services: You might be aware that your European vehicle comes with cutting-edge electrical features that set it apart. These services need personalized servicing that is impossible to substitute.



Let our expert mechanics take care of your European car.

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