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Your Trusted Auto Specialists for Car Maintenance in Calgary

British Auto Specialists welcomes Land Rovers& Range Rover, Jaguar, BMW, Mini, and Mercedes Benz for diagnostics and general auto maintenance in Calgary. We are a family-owned business and deliver specialized services for your valuable vehicles. Expect an excellent job whether you are entrusting us with the maintenance of your BMW, your Jaguar, Mercedes, or any other car. From a routine oil change or tune-up to a transmission replacement or a complete engine rebuild, our senior-level, experienced auto mechanics are here to ensure all the work is done to the highest quality level. If you are in need of Mini maintenance in Calgary, British Auto Specialists is your one-stop-shop. Contact us to book a service today!


Your Luxury Vehicles Need Maintenance

Maintaining Minis, Land Rovers, Mercedes and other such luxury vehicles are vital due to many reasons:

  1. Keeps the performance of your luxury vehicles up to the mark: With professionals attending to your vehicles and running regular diagnostics, maintaining your car’s original level of functionality and reliability comes easy. The model you own will run smoothly and safely when you ensure scheduled maintenance is done as per the manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Rules out expensive repairs: When your Jaguar, Mercedes, and other luxury automobiles are regularly checked by expert technicians, identifying potential problems is easy. If detected early, issues can be fixed before they turn significant, requiring expensive repairs. Timely maintenance of your luxury vehicles can help you save money.
  3. Enables timely replacements: Several components of your luxury vehicles need to be replaced after a certain period. Timely maintenance would mean timely replacements. This rules out car safety issues, engine seizures and blowouts, thereby ensuring reliable performance.
  4. Provides resale value: If you plan on selling your luxury vehicle, professional maintenance is a must. Maintenance ensures that your luxury vehicle is in top shape and will allow you to get a better deal on the resale. Not servicing your car might bring down the value of your luxury car considerably.
  5. Optimizes fuel usage: To keep your luxury car fuel efficient, make sure you get it serviced as per schedule. When you keep your car serviced, the tires, filters, fuel lines, and every other integral component performs ideally, helping reduce fuel consumption. In the long run, this can save costs.
  6. Keeps your vehicle looking as good as new: Maintenance does not only concern the mechanical parts of your luxury vehicles but its appearance too. Opt for expert maintenance to keep the exteriors and interiors of your luxury car attractive and clean, just like when they are newly bought.

For Land Rover, Mini and Mercedes  Benz servicing in Calgary, reach out to us!

Why Should You Choose Us?

When you hire us, you choose superior maintenance services for your luxury cars in Calgary. Some of the other reasons for hiring us include:

  • For our auto mechanics in Calgary, no job is too big or too small. Our car mechanics specialize in complete dealer-equivalent diagnostics for a range of British autos.
  • We are a family-based business and believe in working with our clients to deliver unmatched auto maintenance and repair services.
  • At our luxury vehicle maintenance facility, each client gets individual attention, with the owner and staff working on the car together.
  • We’re also Better Business Bureau certified! British Auto Specialists is a customer-oriented company that offers one-on-one interaction services to ensure quality work.
  • Our team of experts provide you with a full diagnosis of your vehicle with the help of auto logic programming.
  • To ensure optimum care and maintenance of your valuable vehicles from specialty brands, turn to the expertise of British Auto Specialists.


FAQs on Luxury Vehicle Maintenance

Does a Luxury Car Need More Maintenance Than Standard Cars?

The maintenance needs vary from car to car and depend on several factors apart from the brand. So, a luxury car might not always need more maintenance than every standard car.


Why Is the Maintenance and Repair of Luxury Cars More Costly?

Since luxury cars are from specialty brands, the components, materials, and technologies used in them are unique. Replacement parts have limited supply and must be sourced correctly. Dealing with luxury models also requires better know-how. All these factors contribute to the cost of luxury car maintenance.


What Preventative Care Do Luxury Cars Require?

Preventative maintenance in a luxury car entails thorough inspection of the oils, fluids, coolant, lights, tires, and other vital components. Replacement of engine oil and filters are also essential aspects.


How Frequently Should a Luxury Car Be Serviced?

The service interval for a luxury car depends on the model and brand of the car to a great extent. It is the manufacturers who specify the duration between two maintenance schedules and we recommend that you stick to it.


Which Are the Common Issues Associated With Luxury Vehicles?

Your luxury car may experience problems with the brakes, batteries, engine or electronic systems. However, timely maintenance provided by experienced mechanics, like the ones at our auto facility in Calgary, can prevent most of these issues from magnifying into bigger problems.

Speak To Our Team

Contact British Auto Specialists for auto services, including general maintenance and repair of Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes Benz or Mini . We are open five days a week to serve you. 


We also offer brake repair and suspension repair services. Our technicians can carry out repairs and maintenance jobs on all hybrid vehicles as well.

British Auto Specialist


We provide bumper-to-bumper care for your car. Some of the general auto care maintenance services we offer include:

Check/replace engine oil

Check/replace oil filters

Check/replace fuel filters

Windshield washer fluid

Tire balancing

Tire rotation

Wheel alignment

Top-up battery fluid

Check or flush brake fluid

Check transmission fluid

Check power steering fluid

Check engine coolant

Inspect or replace air filter

Inspect timing belt

Check all lights

Check or flush brake fluid

Check/replace wiper blades

Lubricate locks, latches, hinges

Battery replacement

Updated Autologic DrivePRO Diagnostics


We’ll make your car look and feel like new again!

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