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Reliable & Affordable Engine Repair in Calgary

Your car’s engine is the most important component of your vehicle, which is why you should let only experienced and knowledgeable technicians provide service when your car’s engine needs service, repair or replacement. The engine's lifespan also depends on routine maintenance and inspections of the oils, fluids, coolant and other components.

British Auto Specialists offers a wide range of services, including routine oil changes, tune-ups, engine rebuilds and repairs and maintenance on all vehicles.

British Auto Specialists offers reliable and affordable engine repair in Calgary for these British car manufacturers:



If you are looking for engine repair services in Calgary, contact or visit us today.

The common signs that can help you detect engine problem before it leads to engine failure :


  • Frequent overheating of the engine: This can be caused by overworking of the engine, low engine oil, broken thermostat or coolant flow in the radiator due to low level.

  • Engine warning sign: If this indicator is on, it means one or more engine subsystems, including the minor fault of loose fuel cap, emission and exhaust, and ignition system to the central engine, have failure issues.

  • Smoke emission from exhaust: This can be caused by a clogged air filter which is blocking airflow. The air filter prevents debris from being sucked into the car's engine, but if the filter gets clogged, it will lead to black smoke.

  • Noise : If you hear popping and other loud noises when starting the engine, that means there is an issue in the internal combustion flow.

  • Increased fuel consumption: If this is happening, you need an urgent service to prevent engine failure.

  • Engine stalling or suddenly stopping: Check for three main reasons for a stalled engine:

  • Check your fuel level indicator sign on the dashboard.

  • Check the air filter. 

  • Check for dirty fuel injectors or a plugged fuel filter.

  • Oil patches on the ground: it is a clear sign of a leaking gasket or oil pan that could lead to friction in components of the combustion chamber due to a lack of enough oil.


If you notice any of the above signs, always seek expert technician's services. British Auto Specialists have professional mechanics who will diagnose the root cause of engine trouble and identify whether your car needs an engine repair. Call us for affordable engine repair services in Calgary.

Signs of an Engine Problem

British Auto Specialists provide a range of quality engine repair services:


  • Preventive maintenance: Regular maintenance helps keep your car's optimum performance and original functionality.

  • Engine repair: Our technical experts constantly carry out a complete diagnosis of your vehicle with the help of auto-logic programming to pinpoint the problem to save you money and time.

  • Engine replacement: We have experienced auto mechanics who can replace or rebuild the engine of all makes of vehicles. We use auto parts from trusted car manufacturers.

  • Timing belt: It is part of an internal combustion engine that ensures that the engine's valves open and close at the right time and prevents the piston from striking the valves. This is mandatory long-term maintenance to ensure they don't wear down so much that it leads to engine failure.

  • Transmission flush: Transmission fluid keeps the transmission or gear components from overheating. Low or lack of transmission fluid can lead to gears grinding or strange noises, problems with shifting gears or slipping gears, and delay in vehicle movement. British Auto Specialists carry out a complete flush of your transmission system and install new premium fluid.

  • Transmission maintenance, repair and replacement: Transmission Repair includes adjustments and replacing external seals or accessible parts. On the other hand, a transmission or gearbox can be replaced with a brand-new, rebuilt, repaired or used one. British Auto Specialists offers transmission maintenance, replacement and repair services in Calgary.

Engine Repair Services 

British Auto Specialists is a family-run auto shop providing automobile services for many years.


  • Providing a full range of repair and maintenance of prominent British cars, from routine oil changes and tune-ups to engine rebuilds.

  • Our 12,500-square-foot facility offers various mechanical repairs.

  • We have upgraded equipment and technology and trained staff to serve you better and keep up with the timeline.

  • Our professional team can service all makes and models of vehicles- British and non-British.

Contact us for professional engine repair services in Calgary.

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Your Trusted Go-To Shop for Engine Repair

Our Auto Repair Services Cover All Aspects of Vehicle Operation, Including:



Fuel injection

Air conditioning


Timing belt

Electrical and charging

Pre-purchase inspections

No-start diagnostics

Insurance inspections

Transmission service

Transmission fluid changes

Updated Autologic DrivePRO Diagnostics

British Car Models, We Are Honoured to Provide Maintenance and Repair Services


Trusted, cost-effective solutions for all makes and models of auto engine repair in Calgary.

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