A white Land Rover parked on a grassy hill

Six Interesting Land Rover Facts

Land Rovers are one of the most exciting types of cars out there. That's part of the reason that sales of these cars are going up.

But, what do you actually know about Land Rovers? Read on to learn about some of the interesting Land Rover facts while searching for the best mechanic in Calgary for your British car!


1. Land Rover Came Before The Land Rover Company

The design for the Land Rover was developed in 1947, which was over 30 years before the company was founded. Previously, Land Rovers were produced by the Rover Company, Leyland Motor Corporation, and British Leyland.

Nowadays, Land Rovers aren't manufactured by the Rover Company anymore. The cars have been produced by Jaguar Land Rover, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, since 2013.


2. The Land Rover Designer Used To Make Jet Engines

The original designer of Land Rovers didn't just design cars. Maurice Wilks, who created the Land Rover marque with his brother, also spent time developing gas turbine aircraft engines during World War II.

That is not the only connection Land Rovers have to jet engines. The designer of the Range Rover, Charles S. King, got his start developing jet turbine engines for Rolls Royce.


3. The First Land Rovers Had the Steering Wheel in the Middle

The very first Land Rovers didn't look like the ones we see today. When the cars were originally designed, Maurice Wilks considered what would work for the farming community, and he felt that a steering wheel in the car's center would have more utility. 


4. Land Rover Created the First Monster Truck

Land Rover is so much more than just another brand in the automotive industry. The British marque created the first-ever monster truck for the British Forestry Commission. This is a fact that few people know, and it’s one of many reasons why Land Rover is one of the most fascinating car brands out there.

5. Land Rover Wins Races

Land Rovers have had a successful record of competing in car races. A Land Rover first won the Dakar Rally way back in 1979, the first year the race was held. These cars continue to compete in the competition to this day.

Land Rovers also previously competed in the Camel Trophy. And, the Land Rover Company even created the Land Rover BAR, a boat, which allowed them to compete in America's Cup!


6. Range Rover Was Displayed in The Louvre

Range Rovers, which are a specific type of Land Rover, were actually displayed in the Louvre at one point. This was way back in the 1970s when the model was first put on the market. The Range Rover remains the first car to ever be displayed in the prestigious French art gallery.


Reliable Land Rover Mechanic in Calgary

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