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Land Rover Air Suspension Problems

The Land Rover is running through the woods

Every modern vehicle has a robust suspension system to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride on the Calgary roads. Most suspension systems consist of springs, but some vehicles, such as Land Rovers, use an air suspension system.


As with any mechanical parts, air suspension systems are subject to wear and tear. How do you know when your Land Rover’s air suspension system is failing? Read more to learn about your air suspension!


A Guide to Air Suspensions

An air suspension is a type of vehicle suspension system that’s powered by an electric pump or compressor that pumps air into textile-reinforced rubber bellows. The compressor inflates the bellows to a certain pressure, which allows them to behave more like springs.



•   More comfort for the driver due to a reduction in noise, vibration, and harshness on the road.

•   Less wear and tear on your suspension system thanks to reduced vibrations of heavy-duty driving

•   Higher corner speeds thanks to air suspensions being better suited to the surface of the road

•    Improved ride height based on load’s weight and vehicle’s speed


How to Tell Your Suspension is Failing

When your Land Rover air suspension system fails, you’ll know it fairly quickly. There are some very clear signs that it needs repair. These signs include:


Increased Noise and Vibration

As your suspension system is made to reduce the noise and vibration from the road, an increase in these, while you’re driving, is a clear sign that your air suspension system needs work.


Your Brakes Are Less Effective

If you are starting to notice that your car doesn’t immediately come to a halt when you apply the brakes, it can indicate wear and tear on your air suspension system that requires attention.


Swaying of the Vehicle

This is one of the most common symptoms of Land Rover air suspension failure, especially when the air compressor on the system is leaking.


Sagging Ride Height

As the system controls ride height, another symptom of Land Rover air suspension failure you’ll notice right away is a lower, sagging ride height.


Warning Light

You should always pay attention to your vehicle’s warning light. It indicates there is some problem with your vehicle that needs to be addressed.


Common Issues with Air Suspensions in Land Rovers

•  Airbag faults

•   Height sensor faults

•   Solenoid valve block faults

•   ECU faults

•   Air suspension control module


How to Fix an Air Suspension

An air suspension may seem like a more complicated fix over a traditional spring suspension system, but the reality is that it’s not that much harder. Many of the parts swap in and out in the same manner. The specific steps may vary from vehicle to vehicle but will be similar overall.


However, if you’re not confident in your ability to enact the repair on your own, you should look up your local auto mechanics for suspension repair services.


Contact British Auto Specialist in Calgary

British Auto Specialists provide Land Rover repair services in Calgary. We have over 20 years of experience in Land Rover and Range Rover repairs, ensuring you get the smoothest ride possible from your vehicle.


We pride ourselves on 1-on-1 interaction services, taking the utmost care and providing personalized services.


To learn more, please give us a call today.  


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