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When it comes to vintage car restoration, your primary goal should be preserving the look and feel of the past. Working with vintage cars takes patience, time and knowhow, not to mention a space to work in and the right tools. If you lack any of these, British Auto Specialists in Calgary is equipped to help you every step of the way.

The Auto Restoration Process There are a number of elements that go into an auto restoration project in Calgary. However, they can be viewed under three main categories: engine, body and interior

  • Engine

    • Without a doubt, the engine is the most important part of any car, vintage or new. Not only does rebuilding a vintage motor require specialized tools, it also requires that you know how to use them.

    • Skill and experience are needed to take apart the whole engine, clean and check every component and decide which pieces need to be replaced and which can be reused.

  • Body

    • You may only have to deal with a few dents and dings and some faded paint. Or, you could have rusted panels that need to be removed entirely so that replacement panels can be welded in. No matter what, you’ll probably need a fresh coat of paint.

    • Bodywork on a vintage car is something that’s best left to a professional who’s experienced in welding, dent removal and car painting.

  • Interior

    • Even if your engine is purring like a cat and the exterior is spotless, you can’t call your car restored if the interior looks like it’s taken a beating. Once again, the amount of work required depends on the state of the car.

    • You may only have to vacuum and clean the interior, or you may have to replace every component, from the door panels and seats to the switches and gauges on the dash. Original pieces are often hard to find.

Keeping the Look of the Past It may be tempting to give your vintage car some modern updates with a new stereo or navigation system, but you should resist the temptation. A proper restoration uses original parts, pieces and paint colours in order to preserve the look and character of years gone by. It’s important to keep the original steering wheel, dash, stick, lights and all other elements of the interior and exterior. If the parts are beyond repair, try to find original replacements. We’re almost always able to find the perfect parts for the restoration projects we take on. When it comes to vintage auto restoration, trust the professionals. At British Auto Specialists, we’re equipped for any rebuild. Call us today to find out more about our Calgary garage.


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