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Did you know that in Canada, about a quarter of all auto accidents are caused by snow and ice? Winter driving has special hazards not encountered in other seasons. It is an especially dangerous time on the roads, which is why it is important to be aware of safety challenges so you can drive through the winter safely. As a Land Rover owner, the most important step you can take is to winter-proof your car and prepare for the cold months ahead. To help you get prepared, here's a Land Rover winter safety checklist. Run through this list before the temperatures start to drop.

1. TIRE TREADS AND PRESSURE Your Land Rover's ability to stick to the road is an important safety feature. You can boost that by making sure your tires have the proper tread depth. You can use a nickel to be sure your tire treads are deep enough. Place a nickel upsidedown in the shallowest tread groove. If you can see the top of the Queen's crown above the groove, your tread depth is too shallow. It's best to replace your tire as soon as possible if you see this. 2. BATTERY Preparing your Land Rover for winter means making sure the battery is in good shape. Old and weak batteries can unexpectedly konk out in cold weather, which is the last thing you would want while driving in winter. If your battery is old, make sure to replace it and save yourself from getting stranded in the middle of the snowy road. 3. WINDSHIELD WIPER DE-ICER Don't forget to change your windshield wiper fluid to a de-icing version. Regular wiper fluid can freeze, which will create a mess while you're driving. It's best to use a de-icer because it will melt falling snow and also help you clean your windshield after overnight snow accumulation. 4. BRAKES Brakes are an important part of your traction system, regardless of what season you're driving in. However in winter, if you’re not careful, ice can wreak havoc on your vehicle's braking system. Ask your mechanic to check that your brake fluid is full and your pads and rotors are not worn out. 5. HEATING Another important Land Rover winter checklist item is your heated seats and vents. Cars use heat from the engine to warm the interiors, so you should ensure there's nothing blocking the flow of warm air and that all your electrical components are working. 6. EMERGENCY SUPPLIES In addition to Land Rover maintenance, it's important to carry emergency supplies with you. Whether this is because of a delay, a traffic accident, or some other unforeseen event, being prepared can help to ensure your safety on the road. Choose what to carry with you based on your expected terrain. For example, if you anticipate getting stuck in snowdrifts, make sure to have a compact shovel and a tow strap in your car. First aid and flat tire replacement kits would also ensure you’re prepared for any unexpected road accident in winter. YOUR LAND ROVER WINTER SAFETY CHECKLIST Winter is nearly upon us, and the season brings with it those conditions that can produce an emergency situation. In many cases, if you’re on the road during a winter storm, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to spend a few extra hours on the road. That is why, preparing your Land Rover for winter is a must! These safety precautions will help you drive in extreme weather conditions and also give you peace of mind. Your Land Rover winter safety checklist should be easy to follow and part of your winter routine every year. But remember, you don't have to do everything yourself. It is always a good idea to trust your car in the hands of a professional. Reach out to the team of experts at British Auto Specialists if you would like to prepare your Land Rover for the upcoming winter season. We specialize in servicing and repair of British cars and can take care of all your winterizing needs in Calgary. Contact us today with any questions or to book an appointment.


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