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Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari automobile, had called the Jaguar E-type as the “most beautiful car in the world.” One of the most commercially successful automobiles in the British motor industry, it was an equal crowd puller in the international markets too. Such was its success that the Jaguar Land Rover Classic recently announced in London that it will launch the electrically powered E-Type at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest.

Apart from helping the environment, the enhancement will improve its performance and give you a better driving sensation. You will get better speed, going from 0-100km/h in only 5.5 seconds, this is about one second quicker than a series 1 E-type. British Auto Specialists have been in business for around 15 years and specialize in Jaguar repairs in Calgary. Why the Jaguar E-type Is So Popular The fastest car at the time it was conceived, it remains highly desirable to car lovers. It was produced in three separate series from 1961 to 1975. Here are the top six reasons that make it such a great crowd-puller: 1. Less weight but more powerful - It has been developed in a way that it weighs the same as a Fiat Pinto and at the same time has the power of a Ford Focus RS. The later models were made more powerful. 2. Attention to detail – Meticulous care is taken while constructing all the models. As a result, they are lightweight, fast and look stunning. 3. Reliable – It is useless to own a classic and be unable to ride it. Its reliability is evident in the use of its components in high-volume saloon cars and the D-types. 4. Style - The JE-type is considered as one of the greatest sports cars of all time. It garnered a lot of attention due to its stylish and iconic body parts. Fared-in-headlights and a centered twin exhaust set it apart from its contemporaries. It was the first automobile to feature independent rear suspension and all-round disk brakes. 5. Price – It was comparatively more affordable, as it was priced lesser than the other sports cars of its time. Today, the prices of used E-type Jaguar cars vary massively; since only 5000 of the series 2 coupes were built, they are the rarest and quite valuable. 6. Heritage – The Jaguar E-type was a 60s style icon. The current cars may be technologically better and faster than but look wise not as impressive as the E-type. It was loved by the celebrities around the world including Frank Sinatra, George Harrison and Tony Curtis. Every owner is thrilled to own the long hooded iconic sports car and hear the rumble of the ‘XK’ straight-6. 7. Running Costs – If you are looking for Jaguar repair in Calgary, most of the authentic spare parts are readily available and affordable. While purchasing one, check whether the product number on the gearbox, engine block body and chassis are the same or not. They should also match the number on the heritage certificate because it establishes the originality of all the components. Unmatched components can reduce the value of the car. 8. Jaguar Brand – The Jaguar cars are considered to be among the finest range of vehicles. With its efficiency, the company has globally earned the trust of automobile enthusiasts. 9. Rarity – The Jaguar E-type marked the end of the shorter-wheelbase coupe body style. The 2+2 body style was hugely popular when introduced and is a great classic to own. 10. Performance – It was hugely successful on the race track, a testament to its performance. You can upgrade it easily to make it quicker, more comfortable and safe We can help you restore any vintage cars, our services including general maintenance and paintless dent repair. Contact us anytime for your prized Jaguar repair in Calgary.



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