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Quality Land Rover Brake Replacement in Calgary

There are no second thoughts on how important brakes, steering and suspension systems in your car are in ensuring the safety of you and your passengers while on the road.  Having your car’s brakes inspected twice a year for wear and damage can prevent a breakdown and also help you save money by identifying damage before it becomes a major problem that might be expensive to fix. When in need of Land Rover brake replacement in Calgary, look no further than British Auto Specialists. For over 20 years, we have been a reliable auto shop providing complete mechanical services to our customers. You can count on us for services such as engine repair, general maintenance and suspension repairs.

British Auto Specialists specializes in Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, Mini and classic cars. So, if you need brake replacement services or want to get your car diagnosed or repaired, bring it to our shop in Calgary and we’ll provide quality treatment to your automobile.

Brake Replacement
You’re in your car, going about your work when you hear it - a loud screech or a grinding noise. There’s a good chance your brakes have given up. In such cases, it is absolutely necessary to get your vehicle’s brakes replaced as soon as possible. There are other signs that might suggest it’s time for an inspection and eventual replacement. Some of the signs that you might need brake replacement or repair include, pulling to one side, and a mushy or hard-to-press brake pedal.

Brakes fail for many reasons. They could no longer grab the rotors like they’re supposed to because of heat damaging the shoes and/or pads. Also, excessive usage of the brakes could wear them out. It is important that you ensure the brakes are fully functional when you’re on the road. To ensure it is, get your vehicle to get it tested by the experts here. When it comes to auto care, our dedication towards Land Rovers, Jaguars, BMWs, Minis and classic cars are second to none. We are your quality-driven alternative to the brand dealerships. We say this with confidence because of our decade-long expertise and our love for classic cars.


Importance of Brake Repairs and Replacement
Conducting a routine preventive break service ensures safety and avoids sudden breakdowns. Brake repairs and replacement are important to improve its functionality. You should seek a professional’s help to replace brake pads and rotors. The benefits of brake repairs and replacement are as follows:

  • It reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle.
  • It reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • It reduces costly repairs.
  • It extends the lifespan of your brakes.
  • It improves brake efficiency.

Get in touch with us for brake repairs of cars such as Land Rovers, Jaguars, BMWs, Minis and classic cars.


When To Replace Brake Pads?

Your brake pads are one of the most important parts of your vehicle's braking system. It is crucial to ensure that they are always in perfect working condition. Faulty or worn out brake pads can compromise your safety. Not sure when to replace your brake pads? We can help.


Generally speaking, you must replace your brake pads every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. However, that number may differ depending on driving styles and level of maintenance and upkeep of the car. Fortunately, when your brake pads are worn out beyond the scope of repair, it will give you clear signs. Here are the most prominent signs that say your brakes may have gotten worn out.


Do you hear a screeching sound every time you apply brakes?

Getting a squeaking or squealing sound from your brakes is one of the most common signs of wear and tear. If the brakes are not replaced soon enough, the damage may also spread to the rotors, making the entire repair even more expensive.


Do you feel vibrations upon applying brakes?

If you feel vibrations while applying brakes, chances are that your vehicle's braking system is in bad shape and requires professional help. In fact, with a weak braking system, your rotors might also get warped creating uneven brake pad wear at the same time.


Are your brakes not performing adequately?

Loss of performance or delayed braking is one of the most alarming signs that your brake pads need replacement. If your car is taking a long time to stop despite applying the brakes as required, it can compromise your safety on the road and cause potential accidents.  Experiencing less than ideal stoppage time while applying your brakes is a manifest sign that you need brake replacement. Alternatively, it may also mean that your brake pads are worn out or that your brake fluid is low.


Is your brake pad indicator light coming on?

Most modern cars come fitted with brake warning lights. Usually, one light is indicative of the Antilock Braking System (ABS) and the other is the brake system warning light. Whereas the brake light switching itself on is a clear sign of a problem, the light not turning on does not mean that your brakes are in perfect condition.


Are your brake pads looking thin and worn out?

If your brake pads look thin and worn out, you might want to consider replacing them.


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