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Classic & Vintage Car Servicing and Maintenance in Calgary

As newer automobile technologies emerge around the world, the appeal and desire of owning a classic car are never tarnished in the mind of a true classic or vintage car collector.


The team at British Auto Specialists are classic car aficionados who appreciate vintage mechanical marvels and are knowledgeable about their maintenance, servicing and repairs.


We enjoy interacting with classic, antique and vintage car owners and love to discuss their repair and maintenance issues one on one at our garage. Our personal touch and love for classic cars keep us ahead of the competition and our customers rest assured that their valuable classic cars will be restored to a premium condition with the right servicing and parts made available by our team. Our senior-level and experienced auto mechanics are here to ensure the highest quality of servicing for you. 


Contact us today and we will help to repair and maintain your classic, antique or vintage car. Our team is at your service to provide the care and expertise needed for bringing your classic cars revving and back to life. 


“We want these cars out on the streets, being enjoyed by their owners.”

- Pat Chapman, Co-Owner 

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We’ll make your car look and feel like new again!

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